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2005-11-21Remove TOPDIRPeter S. Mazinger
2005-10-29Replace all Makefiles for new build infrastucturePeter S. Mazinger
2005-10-26Remove s_ceilf.c and s_floorf.c, ceilf and floorf are provided by the ↵Peter S. Mazinger
float_wrapper. I hope that __ceilf and __floorf are not needed anywhere. Use only __finite from s_finite.c, disabled in fpmacros.c. Allow IMA compiling, 2 files: s_lib_version.c and w_cabs.c have to be reworked for complete IMA.
2005-10-12Rewrote almost all Makefiles: do not use strip $(x),y; run strip on all ↵Peter S. Mazinger
objects at once; use :=//$</$^; use CRT_SRC/CRT_OBJ/SCRT_OBJ/CSRC/COBJ/SSRC/SOBJ/MSRC/MOBJ where no more is needed, if only CSRC is present use OBJS directly instead of COBJ; CTOR_TARGETS are created directly in lib; remove unused/unneeded parts. Hope I haven't broken too much.
2005-10-11Do not defer expansions where useless, like CSRC/OBJS/LIB_NAME/AR_LIB_NAME, ↵Peter S. Mazinger
defer only for shared lib related stuff, because it is optional. Run STRIPTOOL only once. More use of /$^/$<.
2005-09-29Remove unneeded temporary file, will wait until libm.a target is ↵Peter S. Mazinger
2005-09-29Allow parallel building in libmPeter S. Mazinger
2005-09-29Modify libm's Makefile not needing any recursionPeter S. Mazinger
2005-09-29If HAVE_SHARED is disabled and libm/TARGET_ARCH does not exist, subdirs does ↵Peter S. Mazinger
not resolve to anything, not pulling in libm.a target. Add libm.a to all: .
2005-09-28fix buildingMike Frysinger
2005-09-28Remove ar-target and shared targets, at build time now we traverse the tree ↵Peter S. Mazinger
only once. Generalize all toplevel makefiles. Make sure, that is built against and not libc.a
2005-09-22no check needed in libm/libpthread, we do not recurse anymore if the related ↵Peter S. Mazinger
option is not set, more Makefile cleanups
2005-03-07split the float wrappers into separate object filesEric Andersen
2005-03-06Trim off whitespaceEric Andersen
2005-03-01make sure we only create libm.a before running through subdirs, then install itMike Frysinger
2005-02-23make sure subdirs requires the toplevel $(LIBM) already existsMike Frysinger
2005-01-19redo targets so the archives are only re-built when needed. also change the ↵Mike Frysinger
logic to use Makefile if statements rather than shell.
2004-12-22Cleaned up patch from Peter S. Mazinger adding support forEric Andersen
-fstack-protector and -fno-stack-protector-all security options
2004-08-13Always include the sqrtf wrapper in libm so that we don't need to worryManuel Novoa III
about conditionally configuring something else for libstdc++.
2004-01-16We need to link with libgcc.a when creating shared libs, in order toManuel Novoa III
avoid problems 'hidden symbol' problems. Also handle -lfloat for the soft-float arm case.
2003-11-20Make certain that arch specific stuff is compiled lastEric Andersen
2003-11-04minor cleanupEric Andersen
2003-10-18Peter Kjellerstedt writes:Eric Andersen
ln.patch: * Define $(LN) as ln in Rules.mak. * Change all occurrences of ln into $(LN). * Change all constructs like (cd path && ln -sf foo/file file) into $(LN) -sf foo/file path/file. The latter construct is already used in a number of places so it should not be an additional compatibility problem.
2003-10-18Peter Kjellerstedt writes:Eric Andersen
rm.patch: * Define $(RM) as rm -f in Rules.mak and test/Rules.mak (this is the same definition as gmake uses by default). * Change all occurrences of rm and rm -f into $(RM).
2003-10-18Peter Kjellerstedt writes:Eric Andersen
install.patch: * Define $(INSTALL) as install in Rules.mak. * Change all occurrences of install into $(INSTALL). * Change all occurrences of mkdir -p into $(INSTALL) -d. install -d is already used in a number of places so this should not be an additional compatibility problem.
2003-06-27Add in ceilf() and floorf() since XFree86 wants them...Eric Andersen
2002-11-09Patch from Simon Rowe to try and build asm libm codeEric Andersen
only when HAS_FPU is set. If you don't have an FPU then usm FPU code isn't going to help much...
2002-10-31Ok, this commit is _huge_ and its gonna change the world. I'veEric Andersen
been working on a new config system on and off for about 6 months now, but I've never been fully satisfied. Well, I'm finally am happy with the new config system, so here it is. This completely removes the old uClibc configuration system, and replaces it with an entirely new system based on LinuxKernelConf, from As it turns out, Linus has just merged LinuxKernelConf into Linux 2.5.45, so it looks like I made the right choice. I have thus far updated only x86. I'll be updating the other architectures shortly. -Erik
2002-05-28Fixup and unifiy version numbering. Automate versioning updates.Eric Andersen
Propagate fixes across makefiles. -Erik
2002-05-09Fill a few little holes in the math libraryEric Andersen
2002-04-09Add finite() to C89 math lib, since it is needed...Eric Andersen
2002-03-25Implement sqrtf(), needed for libstdc++ on armEric Andersen
2002-02-21Add ldexp to the !C99 list, since it is defined in POSIX asEric Andersen
being part of the classic math lib stuff. -Erik
2002-02-18Make shared libs properly list the correct in the interpEric Andersen
field by being sneaky.
2002-01-28Fix the bug where binaries built with older toolchains wouldEric Andersen
segfault. Turns out that 'ld -nostdlib' was the culprit. Who wouldof thought... -Erik
2002-01-16Tell ld explicitly when stuff is supposed to by dynamically linkedEric Andersen
2002-01-12Depend upon libcEric Andersen
2002-01-11More build system cleanups...Eric Andersen
2002-01-11Scrub the way libraries are linked. Use ld, not gcc, to avoidEric Andersen
chicken-and-egg problems when building gcc toolchains. -Erik
2002-01-09Don't show shell fragmentsEric Andersen
2002-01-09Be more carefull about erroring out of shell fragments. Try toEric Andersen
enable -falign-functions if avilable.
2002-01-09Remove "-Wl,--no-undefined"Eric Andersen
2002-01-01Change all 'cd <foo>; bar' constructs to 'cd <foo> && bar' forEric Andersen
proper error checking -Erik
2002-01-01Remove erroneous allow-shlib-undefinedEric Andersen
2001-12-19Update my email address. I am no longer andersen@lineo.comEric Andersen
2001-11-26My adjusted 'make install' was missing include/linux subdirs. TryEric Andersen
just using 'cp -a' and see if anyone complains and makes me use tar or something. Check libm for undefined non-libc symbols.
2001-11-24OopsEric Andersen
2001-11-24Move powerpc specific optimizations (courtesy of apple) to powerpcEric Andersen
subdir. Put together a theoretical framework for adding arch specific optimizations. Havn't tried this yet but it looks correct... -Erik
2001-11-23Finish ajusting math lib options. Close out a couple of todo items.Eric Andersen
2001-11-23Default to building C89 math stuff only. Cleanup some warnings.Eric Andersen