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authorPeter S. Mazinger <>2005-10-26 10:15:05 (GMT)
committerPeter S. Mazinger <>2005-10-26 10:15:05 (GMT)
commit6d0c300ebf07eafbda54a3caa3d9902265d1312a (patch)
tree32863c3c77b1b135301aeb74a0d32b0308b842d3 /libm/Makefile
parentbddfb866b0a7c70010083c3786ef4285643d4241 (diff)
Remove s_ceilf.c and s_floorf.c, ceilf and floorf are provided by the float_wrapper. I hope that __ceilf and __floorf are not needed anywhere. Use only __finite from s_finite.c, disabled in fpmacros.c. Allow IMA compiling, 2 files: s_lib_version.c and w_cabs.c have to be reworked for complete IMA.
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/libm/Makefile b/libm/Makefile
index 6170232..73101be 100644
--- a/libm/Makefile
+++ b/libm/Makefile
@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ CSRC := e_acos.c e_acosh.c e_asin.c e_atan2.c e_atanh.c e_cosh.c\
w_cosh.c w_drem.c w_exp.c w_fmod.c w_gamma.c w_gamma_r.c\
w_hypot.c w_j0.c w_j1.c w_jn.c w_lgamma.c w_lgamma_r.c\
w_log.c w_log10.c w_pow.c w_remainder.c w_scalb.c w_sinh.c\
- w_sqrt.c fpmacros.c nan.c s_ceilf.c s_floorf.c
+ w_sqrt.c fpmacros.c nan.c
FL_MOBJ := acosf.o acoshf.o asinf.o asinhf.o atan2f.o atanf.o atanhf.o cbrtf.o \
ceilf.o copysignf.o cosf.o coshf.o erfcf.o erff.o exp2f.o expf.o \
expm1f.o fabsf.o fdimf.o floorf.o fmaf.o fmaxf.o fminf.o fmodf.o \