BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix *stat() and *stat64() when the time is beyond year 2038.Dmitry Chestnykh5 days
v1.0.45commit fc3b6dc46a...Waldemar Brodkorb2 months
v1.0.44commit 014ddbf530...Waldemar Brodkorb7 months
v1.0.43commit abf6002032...Waldemar Brodkorb11 months
v1.0.42commit d46709504e...Waldemar Brodkorb19 months
v1.0.41commit 287e9d271e...Waldemar Brodkorb21 months
v1.0.40commit 9e504a4ac8...Waldemar Brodkorb2 years
v1.0.39commit 98680eec54...Waldemar Brodkorb2 years
v1.0.38commit 2bf4991c4d...Waldemar Brodkorb3 years
v1.0.37commit ab1dd83bec...Waldemar Brodkorb3 years
v1.0.36commit b335e9d7de...Waldemar Brodkorb3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysFix *stat() and *stat64() when the time is beyond year 2038.HEADmasterDmitry Chestnykh
5 daysAdd time64 support for MIPS32.Dmitry Chestnykh
5 daysRefactor `ts32_struct` and `TO_ITS64_P`.Dmitry Chestnykh
6 daysAdd time64 support for PowerPC.Dmitry Chestnykh
6 daysAdd support for using time64 on big-endian machines.Dmitry Chestnykh
6 daysRemove unneeded comparisons.Dmitry Chestnykh
6 daysldso: Remove unneeded semicolons.Dmitry Chestnykh
9 daysxtensa: Add time64 support.Dmitry Chestnykh
9 daysIntroduce time64 support.Dmitry Chestnykh
11 daysReplace null subtraction with castSven Linker