BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterClang support for gnu_inline attributeWaldemar Brodkorb11 days
v1.0.49commit 1bd6b40759...Waldemar Brodkorb5 weeks
v1.0.48commit cdde4f2378...Waldemar Brodkorb3 months
v1.0.47commit 318858b473...Waldemar Brodkorb4 months
v1.0.46commit 357f094fcb...Waldemar Brodkorb5 months
v1.0.45commit fc3b6dc46a...Waldemar Brodkorb7 months
v1.0.44commit 014ddbf530...Waldemar Brodkorb11 months
v1.0.43commit abf6002032...Waldemar Brodkorb16 months
v1.0.42commit d46709504e...Waldemar Brodkorb23 months
v1.0.41commit 287e9d271e...Waldemar Brodkorb2 years
v1.0.40commit 9e504a4ac8...Waldemar Brodkorb2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
11 daysClang support for gnu_inline attributeHEADmasterWaldemar Brodkorb
11 daysbuildsys: allow building with gcc-14Marcus Haehnel
11 daysfeatures.h: add clang prerequisite macroMarcus Haehnel
11 daysc++: Remove deprecated dynamic exception specificationSven Linker
11 daysstdlib: increase number of static atexit handlers to 32Yann Le Du
11 dayslibm: Fix float conversion compiler warningMarcus Haehnel
11 daysuclibc: Fix double promotion warningMarcus Haehnel
11 daysldso/dl-vdso: avoid compiler warning if configured without vdsoMarcus Haehnel
2024-06-15bump version for 1.0.49 releasev1.0.49Waldemar Brodkorb
2024-06-15libc: cast free() argument to void * in wchar.cYuriy Kolerov