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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-26use a single libc and deduplicate threading codeWaldemar Brodkorb
2016-06-24bits/sigset.h: Fix _EXTERN_INLINE redefinitionLeonid Lisovskiy
2016-05-18remove, rename linuxthreads.oldWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-12-11Revert "fix tst-signal7 failure"Waldemar Brodkorb
2015-12-10fix tst-signal7 failureWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-04-12remove more of the link_warningsWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-02-27libc: silence warningBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2013-01-10buildsys: use kbuild styleBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2012-11-18Replace FSF snail mail address with URLsMike Frysinger
2012-06-15include pthreadP.h for SIGCANCELPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15sigset-cvt-mask.h: add a guard to allow including it twicePeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15signal: remove sigblock, siggetmask and sigsetmaskPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15sigpause.c: provide the X/Open variant, since the BSD version is deprecatedPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15rework cancellation for sigwait, sigtimedwait and sigwaitinfoPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15no need for hidden __sigpause, use an internal static functionPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15signal: cleanup, include only headers that are neededPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15add simplified __sigemptyset for internal usePeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15allocrtsig.c,pthread.c: disable __libc_allocate_rtsig, unusedPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15setjmp.h: move __sigjmp_save prototype for consistencyPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15allocsigrt.c: provide proper crrent_rtmin for LT newPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15remove unneeded hidden sigwaitinfoPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15signal.h: provide prototype for __libc_sigaction and remove all othersPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15do not include libc-internal.hPeter S. Mazinger
2012-01-29handle signal-OBXSI.SUSv4.symsBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2012-01-28*: if !HAS_THREADS strong alias sigactionBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2012-01-28buildsys: fixup sigaction handlingBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2012-01-15libc: build abort with unwind-info for backtraceBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2012-01-13libc: allow to backtrace out of abort callCarmelo Amoroso
2010-10-22*: inline constant __sig{add,del}set and __sigismemberDenys Vlasenko
2010-10-22sleep: employ __USE_EXTERN_INLINES (with necessary fixes)Denys Vlasenko
2010-04-02Merge commit 'origin/master' into nptlAustin Foxley
2010-03-25prettify make cleanBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-02-01nptl: Fix nptl specific case which still was not using CSRC-y.Khem Raj
2010-02-01Merge commit 'origin/master' into nptlKhem Raj
2010-01-26convert to foo-y kbuild styleBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-01-21include unistd.h for smallintYoshinori Sato
2010-01-16include unistd.h for smallintYoshinori Sato
2009-12-16libc: Remove pointless header string.hCarmelo Amoroso
2009-12-16libc: Add missing header for memsetCarmelo Amoroso
2009-12-16libc: Add missing header for memsetCarmelo Amoroso
2009-11-22include string.h for memset()Bernhard Reutner-Fischer
2009-10-17nptl provides sigaction and raiseAustin Foxley
2009-10-17cancellation support for a large amount of the required syscallsAustin Foxley
2009-09-19sigpause: remove libc_hidden_proto/defDenys Vlasenko
2009-09-19sigwait: remove __sigwait and __GI_sigwait symbols - they are unusedDenys Vlasenko
2009-09-19raise: remove unused hidden weak symbol __raiseDenys Vlasenko
2009-09-18trim Experimentally off and uncommented hiddenBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2009-08-17support building out-of-treeBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2009-01-10libc/signal/sigaction.c: s/!=/==/Denis Vlasenko
2008-12-29- expand SUSv3_LEGACYBernhard Reutner-Fischer