AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-07-06nptl: fix buildsysBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-07-06nptl: fix subdirs handlingBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-07-06nptl: simplify buildsysBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-07-06Revert "don't make __errno_location / __h_errno_location hidden"Austin Foxley
2010-07-05don't make __errno_location / __h_errno_location hiddenPeter Korsgaard
2010-07-03remove extra comma in lock macroAustin Foxley
2010-06-30more workarounds for GCC PR32219Timo Teräs
2010-06-30mips/syscall-error: Choose the correct version for setting up errno.Khem Raj
2010-06-30nptl/errno: Use a separate __errno_location for libpthread.Khem Raj
2010-06-30nptl/generic: Build generic libc-tls.c for non-mips architectures.Khem Raj
2010-06-29arm/nptl: Use the old C version of _Unwind_Resume in thumb mode.Khem Raj
2010-06-28remove redundant args to do_lnBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-25test/nptl: move eintr.c to where it belongsBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-25test: silence shadow warningBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-24nptl: arm: make it compile againBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-24use uniform form of C99 keywordsBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-24intl, nptl_db: fix prerequisitesBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-24buildsys: add brief mode; show defines and ld-flagsBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-24libc: silence warnings about undefined cpp tokensBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-24fix race condition when generating linker scriptsBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-23arm/nptl: Sync unwinding with glibc.Khem Raj
2010-06-23arm/nptl: sysdep-cancel.h needs syscall handing for EABIKhem Raj
2010-06-22MIPS: Fix build error with linuxthreads.oldAbdoulaye Walsimou Gaye
2010-06-21avoid using c99 syntaxMirko Vogt
2010-06-21get rid of needless c99 constructAustin Foxley
2010-06-17nptl: i386 needs atomic.h for atomic_exchange_acqBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-17nptl: fix order of includes for out-of-tree buildsBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-17libc: define cfi_personality and cfi_lsdaBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-17librt: fix linking WRT pthreadsBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-17libc: Fix non-NPTL threads buildCarmelo Amoroso
2010-06-17librt: simplify handling LDFLAGSBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-15libm: typo fix NO_LONG_DOUBLE variant of gamma_rBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-14sh4: Fixes for SH-4 without an FPUCarmelo Amoroso
2010-06-13handle i386 TARGET_SUBARCHBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-13nptl: fix symlinking headersBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-12nptl: avoid spurious rebuilds of libpthread*.aBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-12nptl: handle PTHREADS_DEBUG_SUPPORT properlyBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-12nptl: fix race condition when generating libpthread.soBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-11hcreate_r: silence warning in helper funcBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-11wordexp: silence warningBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-11nptl: remove relocation in pthread_rwlock_init()Bernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-11silence some warnings about missing prototypesBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-11testsuite: disable some tests for !LFSBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-11nptl: fix wrong path to nptl_dbBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-11lxdialog: fix ncursesw include detectionBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-11buildsys: fix clean vs. headercleanBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-11buildsys: conceal install_headersBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-11buildsys: fix lib/ directory prerequisiteBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-06-10libm: unbreak scalbn for 64-bit processorsRoman I Khimov
2010-06-10testsuite: .gitignore symlinkBernhard Reutner-Fischer