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authorBernhard Reutner-Fischer <>2015-03-25 22:59:45 (GMT)
committerBernhard Reutner-Fischer <>2015-03-25 22:59:45 (GMT)
commit6ff9c31abc14f207265ab214370982ecb3bfe428 (patch)
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parent2b33716c08cc506e57115e34b5fe11d8d5477398 (diff)
utmp: favour POSIX utmpx over SVID utmp
Note: _PATH_UTMPX == _PATH_UTMP and the utmp struct is identical to the utmpx struct so this only changes the external API entrypoints and NOT the underlying data source. This saves about 500b (~1300b from previously ~1950) while at it. Signed-off-by: Bernhard Reutner-Fischer <>
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diff --git a/libc/misc/utmp/ b/libc/misc/utmp/
index 715341c..6c54ade 100644
--- a/libc/misc/utmp/
+++ b/libc/misc/utmp/
@@ -8,9 +8,7 @@
subdirs += libc/misc/utmp
CSRC-y :=
-CSRC-$(if $(findstring y,$(UCLIBC_HAS_UTMP)$(UCLIBC_HAS_UTMPX)),y) += wtent.c
-CSRC-$(UCLIBC_HAS_UTMP) += utent.c
-CSRC-$(UCLIBC_HAS_UTMPX) += utxent.c
+CSRC-$(if $(findstring y,$(UCLIBC_HAS_UTMP)$(UCLIBC_HAS_UTMPX)),y) += utent.c
MISC_UTMP_DIR := $(top_srcdir)libc/misc/utmp
MISC_UTMP_OUT := $(top_builddir)libc/misc/utmp