path: root/package/dbus
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-10dbus: update to 1.10.20Waldemar Brodkorb
2017-02-18dbus: update to 1.10.16Waldemar Brodkorb
2016-11-25finalize systemd as alternative init systemWaldemar Brodkorb
2016-06-19dbus: fix startupWaldemar Brodkorb
2016-03-11dbus: update to latestWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-12-22dbus needs threadsWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-10-24dbus: update to latest stable versionWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-07-24update dbus to latest versionWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-05-26update dbus to latest versionWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-03-29update to latest upstream versionWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-27convert checksum check to sha256Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-07-06update to latest upstream versionWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-06-21s/TOPDIR/ADK_TOPDIR/Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-06-16update to latest upstream versionWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-05-31rework static linking support, works with musl/glibc, fails to boot with ucli...Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-05-29resolve merge conflictWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-05-04simplify add_rcconfWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-05-03automatic dæmonising of servicesThorsten Glaser
2014-04-26use XZ tarballs as defaultWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-03-10rename STAGING_DIR to STAGING_TARGET_DIR, since ADK_NATIVE is gone, there is ...Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-01-21fix runtime dependencyWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-01-15fix xbmc youtube addon, now plays fine. python2-sqlite needed, and bios param...Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-01-14update dbusWaldemar Brodkorb
2013-10-21automatically create development subpackages, without user interaction, depen...Waldemar Brodkorb
2013-09-30fix some build errors for lemote yeelongWaldemar Brodkorb
2013-08-05add dbus-send and dbus-monitor to packageWaldemar Brodkorb
2013-08-05update to latest upstream version, add dbus python bindingsWaldemar Brodkorb
2012-03-12some minor changes and fixesWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-05-12enable for armWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-04-27fix allconfig for foxg20Waldemar Brodkorb
2011-04-17add dependenciesWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-04-15finetune, generate UUID and enable X supportWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-04-13Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Brodkorb
2011-04-07Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Brodkorb
2011-04-07explicitely enable dbus, fix a tmp pathWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-04-03Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Brodkorb
2011-04-03update to latest upstream versionWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-04-02fix path to dbus-daemonWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-03-31I am to tupid for git, today.Waldemar Brodkorb
2011-03-31Revert "fix conflict, autoseect libgcj"Waldemar Brodkorb
2011-03-31fix conflict, autoseect libgcjWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-03-13add a lot of new devel subpackages and fix native builds of packagesWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-17fix packages to be compile with stack protectorWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-10add LTO support to toolchain settings. Cleanup SYSROOT mess.Waldemar Brodkorb
2010-12-30Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Brodkorb
2010-12-30fix startup scripts, fix stop routineWaldemar Brodkorb
2010-12-30rework architecture / embedded systems conceptWaldemar Brodkorb
2010-09-14replace mksh scripts with faster C programsWaldemar Brodkorb
2010-06-12massive PKG_SECTION adjustmentsPhil Sutter
2010-04-21fat commit to add support for firefox on ibm x40 via usb stickWaldemar Brodkorb