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cleanup HOST_STYLE, use SYSROOT feature for pkgconf
there are three HOST_STYLE's, not set mean fully automatic installation. auto means prefix is set to /usr and DESTDIR is set to STAGING_HOST_DIR. When using manual, you need to provide your own targets. Instead of using sed to modify *.pc files, use PKG_SYSROOT feature, which does work better and avoids pathcing some pc files. Idea from sh4rm via #musl.
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diff --git a/package/sed/Makefile b/package/sed/Makefile
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--- a/package/sed/Makefile
+++ b/package/sed/Makefile
@@ -21,8 +21,6 @@ include $(TOPDIR)/mk/
$(eval $(call HOST_template,SED,sed,$(PKG_VERSION)-${PKG_RELEASE}))
$(eval $(call PKG_template,SED,sed,$(PKG_VERSION)-${PKG_RELEASE},${PKG_DEPENDS},${PKG_DESCR},${PKG_SECTION}))
-HOST_STYLE:= auto
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(IDIR_SED)/usr/bin
$(INSTALL_BIN) $(WRKINST)/usr/bin/sed \