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@@ -59,8 +59,8 @@ is done:
The main Makefile performs the following steps, once the
configuration is done (it is mainly a wrapper for +mk/
-* Create all the output directories: +host_<gnu_host_name>+, +target_<arch>_<libc>+, +build_<arch>_<libc>+,
- +pkg_<arch>_<libc>+, etc.
+* Create all the output directories: +host_<gnu_host_name>+, +target_<arch>_<libc>+,
+ +build_<arch>_<libc>+, +pkg_<arch>_<libc>+, etc.
* Call the script to find any needed optional host software, needed to compile
software the user has configured
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@@ -28,11 +28,11 @@ information is:
building OpenADK behind a HTTP proxy should be working without any configuration hassle.
There are also some predefined mirror sites in +mk/,
which can be used.
- Example: PKG_SITES:= ${MASTER_SITE_GNU:=foo/}
+ Example: PKG_SITES:= +${MASTER_SITE_GNU:=foo/}+
* +DISTFILES+ optional, may contain the name of the tarball of
the package. If +DISTFILES+ is not specified, it defaults to +PKG_NAME-PKG_VERSION.tar.gz+.
- Example: DISTFILES= ${PKG_NAME}${PKG_VERSION}.tar.xz
+ Example: DISTFILES= +${PKG_NAME}${PKG_VERSION}.tar.xz+
* +NO_DISTFILES+ optional, may be set to 1, to disable fetching of any archives.
Provide the source code for the package in +package/<pkgname>/src+, which will be
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@@ -9,11 +9,11 @@ that are not packaged in OpenADK. In order to do this you can use the toolchain
that was generated by OpenADK.
The toolchain generated by OpenADK is located by default in
-+host_<gnu_host_name>/+. The simplest way to use it is to add
-+host_<gnu_host_name>/bin/+ to your PATH environment variable and then to use
++toolchain_<gnu_host_name>/+. The simplest way to use it is to add
++toolchain_<gnu_host_name>/usr/bin/+ to your PATH environment variable and then to use
+<arch>-<vendor>-linux-<libcsuffix>-objdump+, etc.
It is possible to relocate the toolchain, you just need to put
-+target_<arch>_<libc>_<abi>+ into the same directory as
++target_<arch>_<libc>_<libcsuffix>+ into the same directory as
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@@ -83,8 +83,11 @@ OpenADK output is stored in several subdirectories:
not present, the binaries are stripped.
* +host_<gnu_host_name>/+ contains the installation of tools compiled for the host
- that are needed for the proper execution of OpenADK, including the
- cross-compilation toolchain.
+ that are needed for the proper execution of OpenADK
+* +toolchain_<gnu_host_name>/+ contains just the cross-compilation toolchain.
+ Can be used together with +target_<arch>_<libc>/+ for other projects. Toolchain
+ is relocatable.
* +toolchain_build_<arch>_<libc>/+ contains the build directories for the various
components of the cross-compilation toolchain.