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authorWaldemar Brodkorb <>2014-05-10 20:27:32 +0200
committerWaldemar Brodkorb <>2014-05-10 20:29:21 +0200
commitb31cc03e3e5cdb60d40d93d24262ea4d283bd749 (patch)
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parentae7e5021b8e48f8714768834a9b6f5af32d6e2fc (diff)
use boolean for packages
There is no need to use trstate for userland packages, because an ipkg or txz is always build anyway. This make it more clear for the user. A while ago a user asked me, what does it mean to use M for a package and why it is not documented. Anyway, I think it make no sense at all.
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1 files changed, 7 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/adk/tools/pkgmaker.c b/adk/tools/pkgmaker.c
index 84eda58bc..f5b1ec004 100644
--- a/adk/tools/pkgmaker.c
+++ b/adk/tools/pkgmaker.c
@@ -395,21 +395,21 @@ int main() {
fatal_error(" can not be opened");
fprintf(cfg, "config ADK_PACKAGE_GLIBC_DEV\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\tprompt \"glibc-dev............ development files for glibc\"\n");
- fprintf(cfg, "\ttristate\n");
+ fprintf(cfg, "\tboolean\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\tdefault n\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\tdepends on ADK_TARGET_LIB_GLIBC\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\thelp\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\t GNU C library header files.\n\n");
fprintf(cfg, "config ADK_PACKAGE_UCLIBC_DEV\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\tprompt \"uclibc-dev........... development files for uclibc\"\n");
- fprintf(cfg, "\ttristate\n");
+ fprintf(cfg, "\tboolean\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\tdefault n\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\tdepends on ADK_TARGET_LIB_UCLIBC\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\thelp\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\t C library header files.\n\n");
fprintf(cfg, "config ADK_PACKAGE_MUSL_DEV\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\tprompt \"musl-dev............. development files for musl\"\n");
- fprintf(cfg, "\ttristate\n");
+ fprintf(cfg, "\tboolean\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\tdefault n\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\tdepends on ADK_TARGET_LIB_MUSL\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\thelp\n");
@@ -654,7 +654,7 @@ int main() {
pkgs = strdup(pkg_subpkgs);
fprintf(cfg, "config ADK_COMPILE_%s\n", toupperstr(pkgdirp->d_name));
- fprintf(cfg, "\ttristate\n");
+ fprintf(cfg, "\tboolean\n");
if (nobinpkgs == 0) {
fprintf(cfg, "\tdepends on ");
if (pkgs != NULL) {
@@ -749,7 +749,7 @@ int main() {
fprintf(cfg, "\tprompt \"%s. %s\"\n", pseudo_name, pkg_descr);
- fprintf(cfg, "\ttristate\n");
+ fprintf(cfg, "\tboolean\n");
/* print custom cf line */
@@ -943,7 +943,7 @@ int main() {
/* handle debug subpackages */
fprintf(cfg, "\nconfig ADK_PACKAGE_%s_DBG\n", toupperstr(pkg_debug));
fprintf(cfg, "\tprompt \"add debug symbols package\"\n");
- fprintf(cfg, "\ttristate\n");
+ fprintf(cfg, "\tboolean\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\tdepends on ADK_PACKAGE_GDB\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\tdepends on !ADK_DEBUG\n");
fprintf(cfg, "\tdepends on ADK_PACKAGE_%s\n", toupperstr(pkg_debug));
@@ -1134,7 +1134,7 @@ int main() {
strncat(pseudo_name, ".", 1);
fprintf(cfg, "\tprompt \"%s. development files for %s\"\n", pseudo_name, pkg_libname);
- fprintf(cfg, "\ttristate\n");
+ fprintf(cfg, "\tboolean\n");
/* create package target architecture dependency information */
if (pkg_arch_depends != NULL) {