AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-03ar71xx: fix LED config for DIR-869 A1HEADmasterFlorian Beier
2017-11-03base-files: add interval option to netdev LED trigger configurationEdmunt Pienkowsky
2017-11-03ar71xx: wzr-hp-ag300h: drop unused wmac led_pin settingsMathias Kresin
2017-11-03uboot-kirkwood: update to 2017.09Paul Wassi
2017-11-03ar71xx: mach-rbspi: fix 74x164 supportThibaut VARENE
2017-11-03ipq806x: nbg6817: sync MAC addresses to the upstream valuesStefan Lippers-Hollmann
2017-11-03ipq806x: nbg6817: add kmod-fs-ext4 to device packagesStefan Lippers-Hollmann
2017-11-03ltq-atm: add missing dependency to kmod-ltq-adsl-*-meiMathias Kresin
2017-11-03build: fix another regression in append-dtb fixFelix Fietkau
2017-11-03build: fix regression in append-dtb fixFelix Fietkau
2017-11-02uclient: update to the latest version, fixes fetch of multiple filesFelix Fietkau
2017-11-02netifd: fix dns and domain variables pollution in dhcp.scriptTero Jänkä
2017-11-02build: allow calling append-dtb from image build commandsFelix Fietkau
2017-11-02gcc: remove support for libgcj/javaFelix Fietkau
2017-11-02include/ Add xconfig targetAlif M. Ahmad
2017-11-02scripts/config: add qconf files to .gitignoreAlif M. Ahmad
2017-11-02scripts/config: Add qconf target to MakefileAlif M. Ahmad
2017-11-02scripts/config: add -DKBUILD_NO_NLS to CXXFLAGSFelix Fietkau
2017-11-02scripts/config: import qconfAlif M. Ahmad
2017-11-02ramips: add support for switching between 3-byte and 4-byte addressing on w25...Felix Fietkau
2017-11-01nghttp2: switch to release tarballHans Dedecker
2017-10-31openssl: Enable assembler optimizations for aarch64Baptiste Jonglez
2017-10-29acx-mac80211: allow compilation on 4.9Jonas Gorski
2017-10-29ar7: add kernel 4.9 supportJonas Gorski
2017-10-29ar7: drop unused 4.1 supportJonas Gorski
2017-10-29ar7: unbreak serial consoleJonas Gorski
2017-10-29ar7: remove gpio character deviceJonas Gorski
2017-10-29ar7-atm: fix function signatures with expected onesJonas Gorski
2017-10-29ar7-atm: fixup proc fixesJonas Gorski
2017-10-29ar7-atm: drop LINUX_VERSION testsJonas Gorski
2017-10-29curl: bump to 7.56.1Hans Dedecker
2017-10-29nghttp2: bump to 1.27.0Hans Dedecker
2017-10-29ltq-atm: Add missing dependency to kmod-ltq-adsl-ase-meiHauke Mehrtens
2017-10-29build: use KERNEL_MAKE_FLAGS for kernel file compilationsKarl Vogel
2017-10-29adb: fix package descriptionMatt Mets
2017-10-29layerscape: reverse changes to ndo_get_stats64Mathew McBride
2017-10-29layerscape: Remove netfilter and LZ4 config symbolsMathew McBride
2017-10-28arc770: mark as source-onlyHans Dedecker
2017-10-28build: actually fix the creation of PKG_INFO_DIRJonas Gorski
2017-10-28build: ensure PKG_INFO_DIR exists before trying to use itJonas Gorski
2017-10-27mwlwifi: switch to AutoProbeJonas Gorski
2017-10-27mt76: switch to AutoProbeJonas Gorski
2017-10-27mac80211: ath10k: switch to AutoProbeJonas Gorski
2017-10-27broadcom-wl: switch to AutoProbeJonas Gorski
2017-10-27broadcom-wl: reorder kmod build and pass EXTRA_VERSIONSJonas Gorski
2017-10-27broadcom-wl: define module directoriesJonas Gorski
2017-10-27ath10k-ct: switch to AutoProbeJonas Gorski
2017-10-27ath10k-ct: define module directoriesJonas Gorski
2017-10-27acx-mac80211: drop PKG_BUILD_DEPENDSJonas Gorski
2017-10-27acx-mac80211: switch to AutoProbeJonas Gorski