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2001-11-22Totally rework the math library, this time based on the MacOs XEric Andersen
math library (which is itself based on the math lib from FreeBSD). -Erik
2001-07-03Force our child libs to link vs libcEric Andersen
2001-06-15Be consistant for all the client code, and use TARGET_CC with ↵Eric Andersen
2001-05-28Make selection of uClibc floating point support in printf, etc. seperateManuel Novoa III
from libm float function support. Also, move all Config files out of the main directory.
2001-05-18I wasn't building the libdl shared lib anymore. Make each lib install aEric Andersen symlink as well as a link, since gcc is currently only looking for files ending in .so. wierd. -Erik
2001-05-12Ok, this should finish off my massive ro-organization. The sourceEric Andersen
tree is less messy now (which helps), all libraries are placed into uClibc/lib when compiling, all libraries now use a consistant mechanism for being built, all libraries use a consistant naming scheme where the lib name includes the uClibc version number, which makes ldconfig happy and willing to work with us. -Erik
2001-05-11Rework where libraries get installed to. Now thew will be compiled andEric Andersen
dropped into a uClibc/lib dir when compiling, which will make life a bit easier when installing and cleaning up. Preface uClibc with 'lib' so ldconfig will recognize it as a library. Make all libraries have the uClibc version number attached, making upgrades possible by using the traditional symlink to the .so name plan. -Erik
2001-05-11Fix up the 'make clean' targetEric Andersen
2001-05-10uClibc now has a math library. muahahahaha!Eric Andersen