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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-15sysconf: Support _SC_(AV)?PHYS_PAGES.Nicolas Cavallari
2016-05-18remove, rename linuxthreads.oldWaldemar Brodkorb
2016-02-24Replaced any occurence of /bin/sh with _PATH_BSHELL to allow easier portabili...Ubaldo Porcheddu
2016-01-03libc: getpass,getutent: allocate buffer dynamicallyWaldemar Brodkorb
2016-01-01Add argp implementationSalvatore Cro
2015-02-15Revert "resolve merge"Waldemar Brodkorb
2015-02-15resolve mergeWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-25merge upstream changesWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-12unistd: allow to turn off getopt_longBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2014-10-01remove forced gcc optimizationWaldemar Brodkorb
2013-02-18libc: add non standard execvpe functionHenning Heinold
2013-02-07buildsys: Fix kbuild-style switch falloutMarkos Chandras
2013-02-05buildsys: switch libc to kbuild-styleBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2012-11-18drop support for pre ISO-C compilersMike Frysinger
2012-11-18Replace FSF snail mail address with URLsMike Frysinger
2012-06-15exec.c: remove duplicate attribute_hiddenPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15use open_not_cancel_2 instead of open_not_cancelPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15enable the common code for NPTLPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15sysconf.c: the clock_getres function is good for NPTL as wellPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15pthreadP.h: avoid shadow warningsPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15geopt.c, LT new/pthread.c: s/__mempcpy/mempcpy/Peter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15getopt[-susv3].c: use libintl's _(x)Peter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15getopt.c, getopt.h: avoid the need for __FORCE_GLIBCPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15wordexp.c, sysconf.c: include ctype.h for isspacePeter S. Mazinger
2012-04-17sysconf: use getrlimit to determine ARG_MAXBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2012-01-01getpass: s/sizeof(buf)-1/sizeof(buf)/ in fgetsDenys Vlasenko
2011-12-23getpass: several fixesDenys Vlasenko
2011-11-17unistd: hide relocationsBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2011-04-29sysconf: clock_getres depends on HAS_REALTIMEBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-10-30sleep: include Linus' email in the commentDenys Vlasenko
2010-10-29sleep: document testing result on 2.4.x kernelsDenys Vlasenko
2010-10-29sleep: add comment with test program for SIG_IGNed SIGCHLDDenys Vlasenko
2010-10-22*: inline constant __sig{add,del}set and __sigismemberDenys Vlasenko
2010-10-22sleep: tiny code shrinkDenys Vlasenko
2010-10-22sleep: employ __USE_EXTERN_INLINES (with necessary fixes)Denys Vlasenko
2010-10-22sleep: check "SIGCHLD is SIG_IGN'ed" first. Saves two syscalls in common caseDenys Vlasenko
2010-10-22sleep: remove commented-out code. no code changesDenys Vlasenko
2010-10-21sleep: code shrinkDenys Vlasenko
2010-09-15libc: Fix cancellation handling in some C functionsSalvatore Cro
2010-08-05usershell: switch to config parserBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-08-05sysconf: implement _SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF, _SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLNBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-07-27daemon: drop cruft incorrectly re-introduced by nptl mergeMike Frysinger
2010-07-09include/param.h: Dont use ARG_MAX from kernel headersKhem Raj
2010-04-12Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into nptlAustin Foxley
2010-04-08confstr: properly stringify version partsBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-04-06correctly quote version in confstrAustin Foxley
2010-04-06Merge commit 'origin/master' into nptlAustin Foxley
2010-04-06getconf: print arbitrary GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION stringBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2010-04-02Merge commit 'origin/master' into nptlAustin Foxley
2010-03-25prettify make cleanBernhard Reutner-Fischer