path: root/libc/sysdeps/linux/Makefile
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2005-11-21Remove TOPDIRPeter S. Mazinger
2005-10-29Replace all Makefiles for new build infrastucturePeter S. Mazinger
2005-01-25merge parallel build supportMike Frysinger
2004-07-16Pete Popov writes:Eric Andersen
2003-11-20Lets try that one again...Eric Andersen
2003-11-20Make certain that the arch specific stuff is always compiled lastEric Andersen
2003-08-13Patch from Paul Mundt adding uClibc sh64 support:Eric Andersen
2003-01-23Update architecture specific support to consistantlyEric Andersen
2002-09-16Added cris to ALL_SUBDIRSTobias Anderberg
2002-02-04A few more little cleanupsEric Andersen
2001-12-19Update my email address. I am no longer andersen@lineo.comEric Andersen
2001-05-12Ok, this should finish off my massive ro-organization. The sourceEric Andersen
2001-05-11Fix 'make clean' targetEric Andersen
2001-03-06Move fork to common/syscalls (with NO_MMU check). Add Makefile to sparc soManuel Novoa III
2001-02-23Let system dependant things override common things.Eric Andersen
2001-01-12When doing a 'make clean', clean all subdirs, not just the current arch.Eric Andersen
2001-01-01A bunch of updates, part from Manuel Novoa III (such as more long longEric Andersen
2000-11-04Fix doc blunder.Eric Andersen
2000-11-04Make spelling of uClibc be consistant.Eric Andersen
2000-10-26Remove redundant clone file. Fix Makefile so archs build again.Eric Andersen
2000-10-26Add some more stuff -- {get|set}mntent, getline, getdelim, etc.Eric Andersen
2000-10-23Another bug fix. ioctl lacked a ;Eric Andersen
2000-10-04Fix all the makefiles. Clean up some warnings, cleanup some headers.Eric Andersen
2000-07-06Lots and lots of cleanups.Eric Andersen
2000-07-05Completely rearchitected the sysdeps directory.Eric Andersen