path: root/libc/stdlib/_strtod.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-06-15do not define _ISOC99_SOURCE in specific filesPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15do not include xlocale.h, it is included by locale.h when neededPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15remove unneeded hiddens for rtime, basename, strtof* and wcstof*Peter S. Mazinger
2011-03-09stdlib.c, _strtod.c, stdlib.h: remove unused hidden functionsPeter S. Mazinger
2011-03-09_strtod.c: only strtod hidden version is neededPeter S. Mazinger
2009-09-18convert // comments to /**/; remove empty #if/#endif pairs. no code changesDenys Vlasenko
2009-09-18trim Experimentally off and uncommented hiddenBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2008-12-29libc/stdlib/_strtod.c: add parens around a | bDenis Vlasenko
2008-12-27ctype: remove some trivial macros from ctype.h;Denis Vlasenko
2008-11-20Last portion of libc_hidden_proto removal.Denis Vlasenko
2008-11-18libc_hidden_proto removal, a few more functionsDenis Vlasenko
2008-09-09Fix some locale multibyte tests failures ad below:Carmelo Amoroso
2008-05-30- Avoid warning about undefined preprocessor token. No obj-code changes.Bernhard Reutner-Fischer
2008-05-19Moving libc_hidden_proto's into #ifdef UCLIBC_INTERNAL blockDenis Vlasenko
2006-03-22Correct build if UCLIBC_HAS_CTYPE_TABLES is not definedPeter S. Mazinger
2006-03-10Remove all non-constant libc_hidden_data_def(), it is too unreliable, sorry, ...Peter S. Mazinger
2006-02-13More renames for IMAPeter S. Mazinger