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2012-06-15socketcalls.c: rewrite to use cancel.hPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15resolv.c: shrink code a bit in getnameinfo.Peter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15addr.c: get rid of a compiler warningPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15socketcalls.c: prefer using recvfrom in recv and sendto in sendPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15fix a bunch of build warningsPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15resolv.c,time.c,_atexit.c: hide 3 locksPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15pm_getport.c: s/__close/close/Peter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15resolv.c: include param.h and use MIN instead of minPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15sa_len.c: do not include ipx.h, the IPX code is disabledPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15getaddrinfo.c: replace #if SALEN with #if 0Peter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15rpc: constify some more dataPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15clnt_generic.c: whitespace only, no code changePeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15pm_getmaps.c: change __close to close (even though unused)Peter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15ruserpass.c: needs stdio_ext.h only if threads are enabledPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15rcmd.c: no need for stdio_ext.hPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15xdr_intXX_t.c,xdr.h: add xdr_quad_t and xdr_u_quad_tPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15svc_auth.c: use same prototypes as in svc_authux.cPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15pmap_rmt.c: do not undefine _POSIX_SOURCE, it is anyway too latePeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15rpc: remove unused USE_IN_LIBIO guarded codePeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15resolv.c: remove duplicated attribute_hiddenPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15ntohl.c: simplify and shrink ntohl and friendsPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15libintl.h, clnt_perror.c: add fallback gettext(x) and use it for _(x)Peter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15libintl.h: add _(x) and N_(x) and use it everywherePeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15use one common prototype for _create_xidPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15rpc_private.h: change guardPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15remove __FORCE_GLIBCPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15do not include libc-internal.hPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15inet_addr.c, inet_makeaddr.c: used the correct section from addr.cPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15no need for hidden inet_ntoa_rPeter S. Mazinger
2012-06-15remove unneeded hiddens for rtime, basename, strtof* and wcstof*Peter S. Mazinger
2012-04-17resolv: tiny shrinkage in /etc/hosts handlingBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2012-04-17resolv: remove unused variablesBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2012-04-17resolv: Fix /etc/hosts for more than MAXALIASES aliasesBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2012-04-17getaddrinfo(): avoid call to __check_pf() when not neededAlexander Komyagin
2012-04-17inet: adjust handling of cacnonname in getaddrinfoEd W
2012-03-26inet:rpc: fix build in !NPTL caseCarmelo Amoroso
2012-02-07inet:rpc: fix authnone_marshal in multithreading contextCarmelo Amoroso
2011-11-27make ARRAY_SIZE commonly available internallyMike Frysinger
2011-11-17inet: hide relocationsBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2011-11-17resolv: hide relocationsBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2011-10-21resolv: fix memory leakBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2011-10-20resolv: commentary typo fixBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2011-10-20gethostbyname_r: set correct h_errno upon failureBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2011-10-20resolv: fix compilationBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2011-09-10resolv: simple optimizations and style/readability fixesDenys Vlasenko
2011-08-26inet: build all res_* and ns_* functions conditionallyDaniel Mack
2011-08-26inet/resolv: add res_ninit and res_ncloseDaniel Mack
2011-08-26inet/resolv: add res_mkqueryDaniel Mack
2011-08-26inet/resolv: add ns_initparse, ns_parserr, ns_skiprr and ns_msg_getflagDaniel Mack
2011-08-26inet/resolv: add dn_skipname and ns_name_skipDaniel Mack