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authorDenis Vlasenko <>2009-02-17 01:45:32 (GMT)
committerDenis Vlasenko <>2009-02-17 01:45:32 (GMT)
commitd0fdc959d933ffd2d434df182af730c9d0e1cabf (patch)
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test/math/compile_test.c: "are long double functions even compile/link?" test
*: fix everything which prevents above from building
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diff --git a/libm/ b/libm/
index f708c6a..9ff59b4 100644
--- a/libm/
+++ b/libm/
@@ -85,10 +85,10 @@ LD_MOBJ := acoshl.o acosl.o asinhl.o asinl.o atan2l.o atanhl.o atanl.o cargl.o c
ceill.o copysignl.o coshl.o cosl.o erfcl.o erfl.o exp2l.o expl.o \
expm1l.o fabsl.o finitel.o fdiml.o floorl.o fmal.o fmaxl.o fminl.o fmodl.o fpclassifyl.o \
frexpl.o gammal.o hypotl.o ilogbl.o isinfl.o isnanl.o ldexpl.o lgammal.o llrintl.o \
- llroundl.o log10l.o log1pl.o XXXlog2l.o logbl.o logl.o lrintl.o lroundl.o \
+ llroundl.o log10l.o log1pl.o log2l.o logbl.o logl.o lrintl.o lroundl.o \
modfl.o nearbyintl.o nextafterl.o XXXnexttowardl.o powl.o remainderl.o \
remquol.o rintl.o roundl.o scalblnl.o scalbnl.o __signbitl.o sinhl.o sinl.o sqrtl.o \
- tanhl.o tanl.o tgammal.o truncl.o
+ tanhl.o tanl.o tgammal.o truncl.o significandl.o
# This list of math functions was taken from POSIX/IEEE 1003.1b-1993
libm_CSRC := \