path: root/toolchain/uclibc
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-04-20remove lowercase ABI symbols. tested with x86/mips64 variantsWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-03-12enable binfmt flat for bfin, fdpic test-suite compile failWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-03-04remove git patches for nowWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-02-20sync with uClibc-ng Makefile changesWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-01-30fix find command, reported by philWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-30use target c compiler, f.e. gcc wrapper for coldfireWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-30verbose buildWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-27optimize git downloaderWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-27convert checksum check to sha256Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-25disable parallel buildingWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-19use the new concept of appliancesWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-10-07use binutils 2.22 for m68k to fix a issue with testsuite compileWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-10-04parallel building of testsuite is brokenWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-10-04use linuxthreads (new) for gdbserver usage on coldfire targetWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-30fix coldfire build. need to set USE_MMU to offWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-29fix compilation; proposed patch, may be totally wrongThorsten Glaser
2014-09-28enable parallel building of testsuiteWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-28always enable pthread debug support as discussed with tgWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-26add support for toolchain building for crisv32 architectureWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-09test are in tls dir, not nptlWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-09sync latest uClibc patchesWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-08disable test for static compileWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-08avoid duplicate uclibc.config, fix sed command for HAVE_SHAREDWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-06i mean ifneqWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-06rework uClibc config file generationWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-05use UCLIBC_EXTRA_CFLAGS otherwise CPU_FLAGS are overwritten. breaks f.e. arc ...Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-04remove accidentally added patchWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-04sync uClibc patchset with upstream accepted workWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-01disable fallocate64 testWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-01sync with uClibc patchsetWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-31fix a problem in the sparc64 removal patchWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-31applied upstreamWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-31sync uClibc workWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-30fix compile error for bfin targetWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-29fixup patchWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-29tst-once3 fix from the mailinglistWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-28this one is not yet in.Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-28sync uClibc patches, use only git for uCLibc-ng for now.Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-28sync with latest uClibc patchset, most is applied upstreamWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-28add config for nommu and mmu case for uClibcWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-26we need to remove crtbegin.o/crtend.o from gcc specs file. otherwise broken e...Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-25sync with uClibc patch setWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-24sync with uClibc patchsetWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-24update patch set, fix tst-cancel4 endless loopWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-24it is a _ not -Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-23refresh patchset, disable wcsftime test, not implemented in uClibcWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-21fix m68k issues in uClibc git versionWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-20refresh uClibc patchsetsWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-20fix some uClibc sparc issues. Disable DO_XSI_MATH for now, because testsuite ...Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-14add test math ulps for mips from masterWaldemar Brodkorb