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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-27add ft32 baremetal toolchain supportWaldemar Brodkorb
2017-07-29add basic support for architecture c-sky, not yet workingWaldemar Brodkorb
2017-06-27add new arch m32c (newlib toolchain)Waldemar Brodkorb
2017-03-26split riscv arch support into riscv32/riscv64Waldemar Brodkorb
2017-03-04riscv: start experimenting with riscv32 / newlib toolchainWaldemar Brodkorb
2016-12-13add rx bare-metal toolchain supportWaldemar Brodkorb
2016-07-26add bare-metal toolchain support for cr16 architectureWaldemar Brodkorb
2016-04-03add mn10300 newlib toolchain supportWaldemar Brodkorb
2016-04-03add msp430 newlib toolchain supportWaldemar Brodkorb
2016-04-02add m32r newlib toolchainWaldemar Brodkorb
2016-04-02add support for epiphany bare-metal toolchain buildingWaldemar Brodkorb
2016-02-24add basic newlib toolchain support for moxieWaldemar Brodkorb
2016-02-16add nds32 bare-metal toolchain supportWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-12-28v850: add basic newlib toolchain supportWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-10-27add frv arch support (very experimental)Waldemar Brodkorb
2015-10-23add s/390 toolchain supportWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-10-17add basic support for lm32 architectureWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-10-15ia64: add toolchain supportWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-07-13add basic toolchain support for or1k arch with musl libcWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-07-09add support for metag architectureWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-06-07add support for h8/300 architectureWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-02-19add some basic infrastructure for hppa/parisc toolchain buildingWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-02-13add basic nios2 toolchain supportWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-06add basic bits for c6x toolchains supportWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-10-04add support for tile toolchain buildingWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-26add support for toolchain building for crisv32 architectureWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-09add toolchain support for avr32Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-09-05start arc integrationWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-08-31add support for bfin toolchain creationWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-06-24add support for qemu-system-alphaWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-06-15add support for xtensa architecture, tested with qemu. thanks to Max Filippov...Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-05-23fix arch listsWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-04-15add basic support for aarch64 with ARMv8 foundation model, toolchain and kern...Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-01-16good bye cris, hardware is eol, latest toolchain is broken, qemu emulator sup...Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-01-16good bye avr32, bad toolchain support, hardware is eol and no qemu emulator a...Waldemar Brodkorb
2013-12-08add support for microblaze architecture, tested with qemu-system-microblaze{,el}Waldemar Brodkorb
2012-07-16add support for m68k toolchain/qemuWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-10-12Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Brodkorb
2011-10-12add basic support for avr32 -> ngw100Waldemar Brodkorb
2011-09-02add basic support for qemu-system-sh4Waldemar Brodkorb
2011-04-26make arm/mips architectures more configurable in a simpler wayWaldemar Brodkorb
2010-12-30rework architecture / embedded systems conceptWaldemar Brodkorb