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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-01-13allow cross-compile under Darwin, fix ppp install targetsWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-13update to Linux Kernel 2.6.37Waldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-13fix cross-compile under DarwinWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-12fix cross-compile under DarwinWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-12Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Brodkorb
2011-01-12add build dependencyWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-12do not depend on host glib installationWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-12rename to external kernel module styleWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-12fix cross-compile under Darwin, pass TARGET_CFLAGS to compilationWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-12fix cross-compile under DarwinWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-12allow cross-compile under DarwinWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-12fix cross-compile on DarwinWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-12Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Brodkorb
2011-01-12fix build of heimdalWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-12grep: need pcre, no parallel building possiblePhil Sutter
2011-01-12.template: add a hint about master sitesPhil Sutter
2011-01-12ifupdown: allow setting the bridge forward delayPhil Sutter
2011-01-11update todo, resolv conflictWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-11fix misusage of CFLAGS, found via -fhonour-coptsWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-11add support for C++ packages, which need G++ compilerWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-11add aufs2 kernel patches, update aufs2-util to matchWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-11fix bzr package buildWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-10fix timezone configuration for glibc based systemsWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-10new libnl is not parallel build safeWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-10resolve conflictsWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-10add LTO support to toolchain settings. Cleanup SYSROOT mess.Waldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-10fix wrong rpath and cflagsWaldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-10update to libnl 2.0Waldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-10s/STAGING_DIR/STAGING_TARGET_DIR/Waldemar Brodkorb
2011-01-10add a subpackage for the static e2fsck buildPhil Sutter
2011-01-10bash: set cache-file to /dev/null, breaks cross-compiling otherwisePhil Sutter
2011-01-10watchdog: binaries are initially installed to /usr/sbin, not /sbinPhil Sutter
2011-01-10make installation of package network hooks optionalPhil Sutter
2011-01-10valgrind: fix for somehow broken stuffPhil Sutter
2011-01-10iproute2: fix for installation of duplicate filesPhil Sutter
2011-01-10iproute2: is installed to /lib, not /usr/libPhil Sutter
2011-01-10iproute2: have tc/Makefile really install somethingPhil Sutter
2011-01-10real solution for the aufs2-util problemPhil Sutter
2011-01-10iproute2: fix build of multiple subpackagesPhil Sutter
2011-01-10iproute2: subpackage tc needs iptables for compilation (missing xtables.h oth...Phil Sutter
2011-01-10wget: install /etc/wgetrc along with the packagePhil Sutter
2011-01-10tcpdump: add WITH_CHROOT flavourPhil Sutter
2011-01-10proftp: ship some /etc/ftpusersPhil Sutter
2011-01-10ncurses: allow installing the full set of terminfo filesPhil Sutter
2011-01-10glibc: install some glibc-shipped config filesPhil Sutter
2011-01-10findutils: split locate into it's own packagePhil Sutter
2011-01-10e2fsprogs: install /etc/mke2fs.conf along with mke2fsPhil Sutter
2011-01-10e2fsprogs: need to include unistd.h, otherwise optind is undefinedPhil Sutter
2011-01-10base-files: change access mode of /tmp where it's createdPhil Sutter
2011-01-08fix make clean target ruleWaldemar Brodkorb