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add shuttle and tomtom device support
barely tested. TomTom support is for my tomtom rider 2 navigation system and is a new toolchain only target. I will add some special applications later. Shuttle is my ADK buildserver. At least I can boot via PXE and create software raid devices. Still need to figure out how to manage grub2 and how to integrate a disk installer or something like that.
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@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ endif
# Strip off the annoying quoting
DEVICE:= $(strip $(subst ",, $(ADK_DEVICE)))
+ADK_TARGET_SUFFIX:= $(strip $(subst ",, $(ADK_TARGET_SUFFIX)))
ifeq ($(strip ${ADK_HAVE_DOT_CONFIG}),y)
include $(TOPDIR)/target/$(DEVICE)/