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-boot Boot Loaders
-base Base System and Libraries
-core Basic System commands
-browser Browser / Editor / Pager
-editor Browser / Editor / Pager
-pager Browser / Editor / Pager
-chat IRC / ICQ / JABBER
-comp Computing
-archive Compression and Archivers
-crypto Cryptography
-debug Debugging / Analyzing
-dns DNS / DHCP
-dhcp DNS / DHCP
-firewall Firewall / Routing / Bridging
-route Firewall / Routing / Bridging
-bridge Firewall / Routing / Bridging
-fs Filesystem / Blockdevice utilities
-ipv6 IPv6
-lang Programming / Languages
-libs Libraries
-mail Mail
-misc Misc
-multimedia Multimedia / Audio / Video
-net Networking
-net/fs Network Filesystems
+base/boot Boot Loaders
+base/libs Base Libraries
+base/apps Base System
+base/misc Base Misc
+base/shells Shells
+sys/fs Filesystem / Blockdevice Utilities
+sys/misc System Misc
+sys/serial Serial communications & terminal emulation
+sys/utils System Utilities
+sys/firmware Firmware for Network Devices
+app/archive Compression and Archivers
+app/browser Browser
+app/chat Chat
+app/crypto Cryptography
+app/debug Debugging and Analyzing
+app/editor Editor and Pager
+app/p2p P2P
+net/acct IP Accounting
+net/dns DNS and DHCP
+net/debug Network Analyzing
+net/firewall Firewall
+net/fs Network Filesystems
+net/http HTTP and FTP
+net/ipv6 IPv6
+net/mail Mail
net/misc Networking Misc
+net/ntp NTP
+net/perf Networking Performance
+net/ppp PPP / PPPoE / PPTP
+net/proxy Proxy
+net/radius Radius
+net/route Routing and Bridging
net/security Network Security
-ntp NTP
-p2p P2P
-phone Telephony
-proxy Proxy
-scm SCM
-serial Serial communications & terminal emulation
-shells Shells
-admin System Administration
-utils Utilities
-www HTTP / FTP
-wifi Wireless
-x11/apps X applications
-x11/drivers X drivers
-x11/server X server
-x11/libs X libraries
-x11/misc X misc
-x11/fonts X fonts
-devel Development (see GCC package)
+net/voip Voice-over-IP
+net/wifi Wireless
+mm/audio Audio
+mm/image Image
+mm/video Video
+x11/apps Xorg applications
+x11/utils Xorg utilities
+x11/drivers Xorg server and drivers
+x11/misc Xorg misc
+x11/fonts Xorg fonts
+x11/libs Xorg libraries
+libs/audio Audio Libraries
+libs/crypto Crypto Libraries
+libs/data XML and JSON Libraries
+libs/db Database Libraries
+libs/fonts Font Libraries
+libs/image Image Libraries
+libs/misc Misc Libraries
+libs/net Networking Libraries
+libs/video Video Libraries
+dev/lang Programming Languages
+dev/perl Perl modules
+dev/python Python modules
+dev/scm Souce Code Management
+dev/tools Programming Tools
+dev/header Header files