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add new ADK Symbol PKG_NEEDS
There are a lot of packages which needs special features either toolchain or hardware features. Add a new symbol which will be used to disable packages, when a toolchain for example does not provide this feature. At the moment following features are required to set for a package: threads rt c++. There will follow: mmu iconv. This will help to better support targets without MMU or threading support.
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@@ -21,8 +21,8 @@ package, with an example:
09: PKG_HASH:= 62333167b79afb0b25a843513288c67b59547acf653e8fbe62ee64e71ebd1587
10: PKG_DESCR:= foo library
11: PKG_SECTION:= libs
-12: PKG_BUILDDEP:= openssl
-13: PKG_DEPENDS:= libopenssl
+12: PKG_BUILDDEP:= curl
+13: PKG_DEPENDS:= libcurl
14: PKG_URL:=
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@@ -44,10 +44,14 @@ information is:
installed before the configuration of the current package starts.
* +PKG_DEPENDS+ optional, lists the runtime dependencies that are required to
- run the software package on the target. It conatins a list of package names,
+ run the software package on the target. It contains a list of package names,
which might be different to the package directory name. See what is used
in PKG_template, to find out the package name used here.
+* +PKG_NEEDS+ optional, lists the features that are required to build or
+ run the software package on the target. It contains a list of keywords.
+ Supported are +threads+ +rt+ +c+++
* +PKG_NOPARALLEL+ optional, may be set to 1, to disable parallel building of the
package via make -jn, n=4 is default, but can be changed in +Global Settings+ in the
menu based configuration.